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     As a local teacher with 2 kids, I needed a consistent part-time job which also provided a little flexibility when my kids were younger.   I ran a lawn mowing business for 30yrs, while also painting houses in the Summer for 15 years.   I slowly learned this wasn't going to be sustainable due to a number of factors like being at the mercy of Kansas Weather, and all of the wear and tear on the body.    

     When an opportunity to clean an office became available, I have to admit, I was hesitant.   As a single father with 2 young boys, we weren't the neatest family on the block.    However, our first building was close by and I thought it might be a good part time job where I could do a little work in the evening while my boys worked on homework.  Eventually, my boys used office cleaning as a simple way to earn extra allowance $, and I had my first employees.   Now, almost 20 years later, and with clients all over the KC Metro, cleaning offices 7 days/week is the norm.   Teaching Elementary PE is still the best part of my day, but our family is grateful for all of our clients and the relationships we have established over the years.    Cleaning Offices in the evenings has provided our family a chance to eliminate multiple part time jobs and focus on this business, which has also allowed us to give back to the community by volunteering our time and effort to several organizations.   

     Giving back and serving others, especially during a year like 2020/2021, will be something that we continue to build on, and focus on, as we continue to grow our business.   Our mission, as is with all great organizations, is to focus on establishing long term relationships.   As your business continues to grow and serve others, CleanOfficeKC hopes to be an asset to you, while also aligning with your mission statement and philosophy.   We would be grateful for an opportunity to be just a small part of your success.      


Cam Guelbert


Guelbert Commercial Cleaning LLC.